Welcome back listeners! This episode of The For the Culture Podcast is one for the books! Helluva way to come back if I do say so myself! Fiya Angelou welcomes her dear friend, Kylie, to show to share the devastating impact of terminal illness on friends, family, and the self. Kylie shares the beautiful story of her friendship with her best friend and Fiya shares her trials and tribulations as her mother fights metastatic cancer. Then, on a lighter note, the two discuss all things Game of Thrones! Who is Master Aemon? Who is Gendry’s Mama?? FULL OF SPOILERS! LEAVE A REVIEW ON ITUNES, COMMENT ON FiyaAngelou.Com or The For The Culture Podcast on Facebook! Share with a friend, Repost, and Like! If you have feedback, please email me at FiyaAngelou@FiyaAngelou.com